Go Outside

I know, for me, it was just easier to stay inside and do my homework.
But when I did go outside, I learned something every time.

Here are some of the ways I learned:

1) When you’re outside, you can look at all of Jehovah's creation. You can learn about him, no matter where you are. From a tree’s leaves to a little bug walking around, you can see and learn about creation - whether you live in the city or the country.

2) Having physical exercise is important, as well, because as home schoolers, we are at home most of the time. So, just getting out and walking or running makes a big difference. Getting together with your friends or with your congregation can help a lot. Try making it fun with a game - that will help - but make sure you find something that you would like to do, or that your kids would like to do, for exercise. The video on www.jw.org under ‘Teenagers -> What Your Peers Say -> Healthy Lifestyles’ makes some very good points about the importance of keeping healthy and exercising.

3) Even just going to get fresh air helps, in a way, so when we go back to our homework we don’t feel so stuffy. Being inside all the time can get hard; going from one book after another, and not doing anything else, gets boring. So change it up, and just remember, you're learning something every day!

So get out there! Have a great school year!
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