Back to school again?

Back to school again?
5 ways to help you go back to school, the easy way.

Even though you're homeschooling, we still take breaks for the summer — maybe because it's the best time to do things as a family. Whatever the reason, we always have to go back to school. That’s why I’d like to share 5 ways to make going back to school easier.

1. Set a good, realistic schedule.

Having a good schedule is important, because then you will start on time. It's always easy to say "oh I'll just start tomorrow,” — and that never happens.

It's good to have a realistic schedule, because we all know how things happen unexpectedly.

2. Set a goal.

Have a goal for where you want your children to be at the end of the year, month or week, so you aren’t just going through the motions.

When reaching goals make sure to always reward your children — no matter what. Now, some things might come up, and reaching your goal may seem impossible, but that’s ok because you, the parent
and child, have done the best you could.

3. Keep doing outdoor activities.

Just because summer is ending, doesn't mean we have to stay inside all through fall or winter. If you go from summer — and doing activities out of the home, like museums, field trips, and parks — to staying at home all winter and just hitting the books all day, it’s hard to keep going. As a homeschooler, myself, I can relate! So try to mix things up, and do different activities, all year around. Just going to a park is still learning!

4. Get school supplies.

For me getting new school supplies, such as notebooks, binders, pens, and pencils, made it fun to start school! Keep a fresh (and clean) work place for your child. It helps so much! It doesn't have to be expensive, just as long as they like it.

5. Make things fun.

If it isn't fun, they’re not going to do it! Making school fun is important, because as soon as it gets boring, it becomes a fight to get
any school work done.

Let your children listen to their favorite music, when they do their work. I know, for me, if I didn't do that, I couldn't concentrate! Maybe try opening a window on a nice day, so it isn’t so stuffy in the house, or doing school work outside one day. Whatever it is, just remember to keep it fun!

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